Before you begin the application of the blusher take a good look at the shape the cheeks are, this will help you to determine where you place the blusher. 

Sunken Cheeks 

This cheekbone is clearly visible and the fleshy part of the cheek sinks in under it, giving a hollow look to the cheek. 
Place the blusher on the cheekbone, avoiding the hollow area under the cheeks. 

Chubby cheeks

You cannot see the bone structure at all. Because the cheekbone is not visible, you have to find it. Feel round the cheekbone with the ball of your thumb and decide where the cheekbone is. 
Place blusher under cheekbone, where the cheekbone hollow would be, this gives it a shading effect making the cheeks look more prominent ( not lower than ear lobe or end of nose). Add a highlighter to the top of the cheekbones such as Mai Couture St Barts Highlighter Papier 

High cheek bones 

These are the ones everyone wants. Clearly defined without the hollow look. 
Blusher where you feel the cheekbone curving in towards the eye socket, place the blusher above the cheekbone. 

Average cheeks 

This probably takes in most of us. We can see some sign of cheekbone, but it's not all that clearly defined. 
Blusher apply it to the underneath curve of the cheekbone. 

By simply remembering the basic rule of make- up!!! 

Light colours enlarge and dark colours minimise,decide before you start,what you want to enlarge and what you Want to minimise. 


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