Cellulite results from toxicity in the body of some sort (glands and hormones). Caused primarily by an allergy, the result of poor lymph drainage and circulation problems, or the outcome of a long period of imbalance within the bodies, these unsightly, fatty deposits can become the bane of our lives. 

Redressing this balance may take some determined work over a period of time, but you will end up altogether healthier for it. 

Skin brushing everyday!! 

Always working towards the heart. Skin brushing will stimulate your circulation and help with lymph drainage. It will also make your skin soft and glowing. The Bodecare body brush is excellent for the job which you can buy at Flora Organica

Eating a balance diet

Cutting back on dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten and eating more fresh foods!!! 

Getting that bod moving everyday

Drinking lots of water, coconut water, green juices, herbal teas, green tea 


If you can, massage all of you! If you are running short of time massage only the areas of cellulite and lymph glands- under your arms, around your neck and in your groin area. Please note* these glands should be massaged in tiny circles. 

Here is a massage oil you can use to massage with. You can place this oil in a glass bottle. Never leave in direct sunlight. 

To 50 ml of carrier oil add: Either Fennel 8 drops Juniper 6 drops Rosemary 8 drops Lemon 6 drops Or* Fennel 9 drops Grapefruit 10 drops Lemon 9 drops 

Please always patch test first.

My name is Yvette Sinclair I'm a beauty therapist passionate about nutritious organic food & natural alternatives for your skin, body & soul. 
I'm really excited to be doing regular blog post for flora organica.