So what the are activated nuts? Pete Evans is a fan as am i, but i'm not a fan of paying $20 a packet! So here is a bit of info on what they are, why they are good for you and how easy it is to make them yourself!

What are Activated Nuts?

Activated nuts are simply nuts that have been soaked and dehydrated. The soaking breaks down phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that can bind the the precious minerals (especially calcium, magnesium and zinc) found in nuts, making them less available for the body to digest. 

In nature, these enzymes are there inside the nut to prevent its growth until it has all the right conditions - water, sunlight, fresh air, etc. So essentially, by eating the nuts unsoaked, we are also eating these enzyme inhibitors and inhibiting our own process of digestion and absorption. 

Soaking causes the nuts start to germinate or sprout, releasing the enzyme inhibitors, and majorly increasing the nutritional value. The dehydrating gives them back their crunch! This is something that traditional cultures did and still do, and those with less than fabulous digestive systems will benefit from this process in particular. 

Want beautiful glowing skin? Eat nuts!

My personal favorite are Almonds as they are packed full of fiber (something most of us lack), protein and essential fatty acids -- all of which help promote a healthy heart and help reduce blood pressure. But an added bonus is that this nut's essential fatty acids are known to help reduce swelling and inflammation. 

Nuts and seeds, particularly almonds, are a natural anti-inflammatory, so they also can help treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. So if you want to keep your breakouts to a minimum, munching on some almonds may help.

How to make your own activated nuts

Here is an easy peasy way to make your own!

Place the nuts into a jar or bowl of filtered water with a pinch of sea salt and leave to soak overnight. If you are using cashews or macadamias, you will only need to soak them for about 4-6 hours. 

Rinse off the nuts and spread out onto a baking tray and pop into the oven on the lowest possible temperature for 12-24 hours. Or leave them out in the sun old school style or into a dehydrator if you have one. That's it! 

You can add your own crazy combo of spices as well like curry powder or tamari.