Buddha Nose

Buddha Nose is a Yoga inspired certified organic body care brand that inspires the mind-body-beauty connection.

Our concept: To inspire beauty through stillness and simplicity. To promote nature-centered and sustainable practices. To encourage healthy lifestyle. To support community and advocate compassion.

Our belief: That our well-being awakens our mind-body connection, our relationships to others and our planet. That beauty is about feeling good, and the simple act of doing something good for ourselves, makes us feel beautiful. That our inner balance affects our outer beauty. That inner wellness inspires self-awareness.

Certified Organic Buddha Nose uses only USDA certified organic ingredients when available, and we are very proud to have 4 out of our 12 products carry the USDA organic seal. We continue to work towards certifying the rest of the line.

All of the ingredients used in Buddha Nose products are totally free of all synthetics and chemical preservative systems. The skin is our largest organ, and by using only organic ingredients, we not only respect the health and well-being of our bodies but we also respect the health and well-being of our environment.

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