Ecocare wipes are the natural choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. 

Ecocare wipes are made from 100% Natural Certified Organic Cotton, which makes them natural and biodegradable. We don’t use any nasties, especially bleach, so its just pure beautiful cotton on your skin. Unlike other biodegradable wipes, Ecocare wipes are soft enough for the skin and durable enough not to tear easily. 

Our skin is delicate and beautiful, it must be cleaned carefully. The optimal care for such precious skin is to use only natural and organic ingredients. Ecocare 100% Natural Certified Organic Cotton wipes feel soft against the skin. Their unique formulas are powerful enough to break through oil and makeup, yet gentle enough to leave the skin soft and nourished. We searched the globe, twice around, to source the best of everything, no compromises. 

We found a state of the art factory in Germany to produce the highest quality Biohybrid™ packaging film, giving us the first wet-wipes in the world with renewable content packaging. We crafted unique organic formulas with our organic chemists in the United Kingdom to make a better product for your skin. All of this is then wrapped up in a beautiful looking product.

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