Green Policy

At Flora Organica we are passionate not only about what is good for our health, but also what is good for the environment. It only takes a small effort from all of us to make big changes to ensure that the planet and every living thing that resides on it has a clean and happy place to live. 

We encourage our customers to dispose of any waste resulting from their order in an environmentally friendly way. The more we all do that, the less waste goes into landfills, reducing environmental damage even further.

Our GREEN POLICY is represented by the 3RS:


Whenever possible we opt for the smallest packaging possible that is still safe and sturdy enough so that products arrive in one piece! We also try to keep the Flora Organica office as paper free as possible.

The Flora Organica office is Carbon Neutral through Yonderr. To offset our emissions, Yonderr is purchasing and retiring carbon credits from a range of brilliant and effective carbon reduction projects from around the world. As Yonderr only buys offsets accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard or Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme, we know our money is going to projects that really do make a difference.

If you wish to offset your household emissions and make you home carbon neutral you can purchase carbon credits at Yonderr.


Whenever we receive shipments from suppliers we always reuse the packing peanuts and whatever other packaging it coms with. When these run out we purchase our own and if available opt for the starch-based packing peanuts that can be dissolved with just a little bit of water so they don't add to landfill. For more information see the CSIRO page.


Whenever possible we recycle packaging that comes from suppliers as well as using recycled paper packing and 100% recycled paper when possible.

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